Ze.kitch interiors – a new era of luxury and elegance on the regional market

Lovers of eye-pleasing interiors, refinement and minimalism, especially quality styled kitchens, are certainly already familiar with the ze.kitch brand. It is a furniture studio in Zadar led by a successful entrepreneur and passionate lover of interiors, Josip Zekić. For the last two years, they have dominated the local market in the interior design and luxury furniture industry. We peeked behind the scenes of the studios and discovered their plans to expand their services and conquer the region’s market.

Personalization as a new era of business

Experience and passion for interior design greatly contribute to business success, especially in an industry that places great emphasis on the authenticity of style and design. For this entrepreneurial visionary, it was kitchens. After more than 10 years of work in the design and interior design industry, Josip has perfected himself in modular, personalized kitchens. It was this innovative design concept that Josip applied to his kitchens and offered the market greater flexibility and adaptability of the cooking space. Thus, ze.kitchen kitchens enabled the owners to adapt and personalize the cooking space, create a unique design, flexible organization according to needs, easier maintenance, economy, scalability and ecological sustainability.

“I believe that with ze.kitchen kitchens we have positioned ourselves well in the industry, chosen a niche business concept and proven ourselves on the market. Brand extension is the exclusive response to the market’s need for personalization – whether it is a design service through an individual approach, custom-made products or choosing a specific piece of furniture with the signature of a global brand. I am proud that today the client can get all of this at our address,” emphasized Josip Zekić, founder and owner of the ze.kitch brand.

A new coworking concept that pushes the boundaries in the design industry

The main goal of the new business concept ze.studio is to create a common working environment where individuals, interior designers, can participate in the development of ideas, design direction and complete interior design of ze.kitch projects. We are talking about consulting services, conceptual solutions and 3D visualization of the interior, with which every ze.kitch interior story begins. The focus is on visualization and interior design services. Clients are offered expert advice on the choice of furniture, colors and textures, and finishing touches already at the first meeting. The design team then creates a conceptual solution – initial proposals, interior floor plans and color and texture proposals to lay the foundations for interior design. The final step is a 3D visualization that provides clients with a clear picture of the future space, enabling them to see the functionality of the interior before the realization process.

“Ze.studio opens its doors to everyone who is looking for inspiration and quality in interior design and provides space for sharing experience among interior designers. I believe that this creative concept was the only logical step in the expansion of our business in order to meet all the challenges and specific needs of our clients in a timely manner. I believe that the combination of our expertise and the artistic expression of external designers will ensure a unique approach and personalized solutions for our clients,” Zekić emphasized.

A complete interior design experience

The expansion of the brand is based on the concept of a one-stop shop service that provides the client with support in all stages of the space planning process – from the idea, development to the realization of the project. It is about expanding the business through design, interior personalization and projecting services. Within the creative studio, interior designers will exchange their knowledge and experience through work on various projects from the design and architecture industry. Considering the same, the creative and design part was separated into ze.studio, the production of modular kitchens remains part of ze.kitchen kitchens, while ze.living now includes the entire showroom of furniture signed by world brands.

“Our formula is simple: creativity, quality and a stylish environment with people in focus. From the very beginning, we have been distinguished by our professional approach and high product quality, as well as stylistic minimalism resulting from a careful selection of materials. Our materials comply with the highest global standards when it comes to quality, strength, durability, functionality and sustainability. It was the proven quality and growth of the business that encouraged us to take a step forward in business, complete the entire home furnishing process and start expanding to the region,” Zekić concluded.

The new direction of business will enable the brands to operate independently, so that the client will be able to order a custom-made kitchen separately, choose a specific piece of furniture or arrange the design of the entire project. Thanks to this very concept, the ze.kitch brand has positioned itself on the market as a place for a complete interior design experience.

Ze.kitch and Best Real Estate bring a new experience of luxury interior design

Ze.kitch and Best Real Estate bring a new experience of luxury interior design

Excitement and enthusiasm are growing in the Ze.kitch interior team, because they recently partnered with the prestigious agency Best Real Estate. This collaboration marks a new chapter in their story of providing a seamless luxury interior design experience. “We are proud to cooperate with the Best Real Estate team. We are glad that they recognized our credibility in the market of luxury interior furnishing and that today we have the opportunity to jointly provide an enviable service experience to our customers. We greatly appreciate the personalized approach of the agency, which is manifested through every step of their cooperation with customers, from the first contact, presentation to advice and handover of real estate, which greatly facilitates our work. We believe that this cooperation will greatly contribute to the quality and growth of our business,” said Josip Zekić. This collaboration further confirms Ze.kitch as a key destination for those looking for supreme elegance and a personalized approach to decorating their interiors.


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