Croatia – a small country for excellent investments in luxury real estate

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A beautiful indented coast with more than 1,200 islands, crystal clear sea, fresh air and many sunny days – sounds like a good location for vacation or living, right? Welcome to Croatia, a small country with an excellent offer of luxury real estate.

The real estate market in Croatia, despite the pandemic last two years, is still booming and prices are still rising, especially in the coastal area.

Likewise, in the last few years, the number of luxury real estate constructions, that will satisfy even the most demanding buyers, has increased. Many are aware that saving in banks is not worthwhile because the money then loses its value, so they decide to invest. In recent years, Croatia has been recognized as a top destination which is visited by many rich and famous people. This will be another incentive for others who want an upscale property in a prime location. The Croatian luxury property market is still in its infancy, but more and more investments are being made in this type of property.

There are numerous benefits of buying real estate in Croatia

Compared to other Mediterranean countries, such as Spain, France or Italy, prices in Croatia are still significantly lower, so buying luxury real estate is much more affordable. Many recognize these advantages, and every year more and more foreigners are buying real estate, either as a means of investment or even coming to live in Croatia. Remote working has opened up the perfect opportunity for many to work from home regardless of where their company headquarters are located, which has also benefited the demand for real estates on the coast. Well, who wouldn’t like to replace the office with working from home, especially if it’s a superbly decorated villa with a swimming pool and a stunning view of the beautiful Adriatic Sea and islands?

Excellent connection with the rest of Europe

Croatia is located in the very heart of Europe and has 9 airports that are connected to numerous cities around the Europe and the world. There is also the possibility of landing private planes and helicopters. There are well-developed infrastructure and top-quality marinas for mooring boats in many coastal cities and islands, so everything is within reach. On the same day, you can drink coffee in your villa on the Adriatic, fly to Milan for shopping, and enjoy dinner on a luxury yacht near the Kornati National Park.

Euro as the official currency

At the beginning of the year, Croatia has introduced the euro as the official currency. In the future, this will also bring numerous benefits. Namely, conversion costs when selling real estate will be reduced, and it is projected that interest rates and the cost of borrowing will be lowered, which will make it more attractive for investors.

Investments in infrastructure

This small Mediterranean country has a lot of potential which the local authorities have recognized and, thanks to numerous EU projects, have invested a lot in infrastructure in the last few years. In addition, work is being intensified on the organization of land registers, which will further facilitate the buying and selling of real estate and investment in projects.

Premium services for clients

Davor Perišić, CEO of Best Real Estate agency for luxury real estate brokerage, said in an interview in Slovenian newspapers Večer that a Croatian real estate is very attractive to Slovenians. In addition, said Perišić, Slovenians feel at home in our country, which is very important. Among other buyers, the most represented are Slovenians, Germans, Austrians, Czechs, Poles and Slovaks.

Best Real Estate agency has an excellent selection of top luxury real estate throughout the Adriatic – from Istria to the far south and on the islands. These are superbly designed villas, most of which have a swimming pool and are located on spacious plots that allow peace and privacy. In addition, these properties are in top locations! Buying a property like this is a great choice and a top investment because, according to market trends, its value will only increase.

We are part of an international group

Our quality in business and on the market was also recognized by the international Luxus Liegenschaften group. They decided to share with us their passion to provide our clients with only a premium experience when buying luxury real estate.

If you are considering an investment and buying a luxury real estate in Croatia, feel free to contact us. We look forward to assisting you.

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