Get to know the international architect we’re starting an interesting urbanism project with!

milica gruban

From Novi Sad, across Europe and all the way to Saudi Arabia, Milica Gruban is an architect that pushes boundaries, both her own and architectural ones. This art is her life’s calling, and overcoming challenges and being enriched with new knowledge is her driving force. She co-owns five companies in the field of architecture, design and construction in Germany and Austria, and realizes her projects in multiple countries in the world. Milica Gruban and Best Real Estate were connected through their shared values and the vision of projects to realize in Croatia – which is why they are starting an urbanism project that’ll bring to Croatia a new lifestyle you’ll want to follow.

No idea is ever too big

Even as a little girl she had a great desire for knowledge and equally great ideas that she transforms to reality these days. Architecture is the center of her universe, she lives architecture and wants to bring it closer to everyone. It’s precisely why she’s divided her business into several different segments.

Formvision Luxury is oriented towards bigger and more luxurious projects, and in its design often combines lines and motives from the car industry. Formvision Luxury plans, builds, visualizes and designs urbanism projects, condo projects, villas, apartments, and interior design that it also executes.

To deliver a complete service to a client, Gruban and her partners have created Vision M Luxury, where high-quality designer furniture is made.

Besides furniture, Vision M company produces designer, modular, and prefabricated houses with turnkey contracts which can be finished in three months.

“We’ve decided to also start a brand for more affordable houses because I believe my architecture should serve people and mankind. That is why we create houses in various styles and sizes.”

High quality and satisfying basic human needs when it comes to the space are the main values driving Milica Gruban and her team through realizing every project. They meticulously respect the main principles of solid architectural execution. Luxury, this ambitious architect says, is hidden in the details.

To learn an architectural style of a culture is to learn its language

“Luxury is enjoying the details and creative freedom to its maximum in order to accomplish the most comfortable experience. Good design is a pleasure for all senses. We don’t just design living spaces, buildings, villas, and cars, we create a lifestyle,” points out the architect whose Spain university opened the door for her international architectural career.

“For you to create good interiors, you need a good understanding of and familiarity with the habits of people participating in that culture. That is why I say that to learn an architectural style of a culture is to learn a new language.”

Since she was little, Milica has dreamt and designed big, driven by her wish of knowing new spaces, new architectural styles, as well as her love of international design and willingness to create new partnerships every day.

Thus, her companies have a building license in Austria, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, and Monaco. Croatia is the next step.

Croatia is the ideal destination to build a Mediterranean-type house

To Milica Gruban and her team, Croatia seems to be the perfect country to develop big projects in, as well as the ideal destination to build a Mediterranean-type house.

 “Best Real Estate, as one of the best luxury real estate companies in the Adriatic, has values in complete harmony with ours. We completely understand each other, and our wishes, goals and plans also align with each other. Therefore, our work relationship can only result in success!”

What they’re planning to do through the urbanism project they’re working on together is bring German high quality to Croatia’s territory.

 “Considering that a lot of Germans spend their summers in Croatia, we want to create an entire community of houses with elements of Mediterranean esthetics and strong German architecture.”

Urban development plans are precisely what challenges and drives Milica Gruban who wishes for her projects to have European class with her contemporary design.

Taking into account her proactivity, creativity, and strong foundations of cooperating with Best Real Estate, there’s no doubt this project will surpass all expectations!

In case you want more information on this project, feel free to contact us on [email protected].

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