The latest trends in the decoration of luxury real estates

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Interior design represents a big challenge and decorating a luxury real estate is a real project. Designers and investors of luxury real estates love to combine various types of colors, designs, materials and styles. Each year brings new trends in designing interior. Cozy interior design was popular last year and similar trends continue in this year too.

So, what should you pay attention to when decorating the interior, but also the exterior, especially in luxury real estate – villas and apartments, this year? And how to add touch of luxury in the interior? Whether it is a new building or renovated older property, a house or an apartment, there are certain interior design trends that you can follow to achieve the best possible effect.

Best Real Estate will assist you in choosing the best property to meet all your needs and also in interior decoration process. Find the latest trends for this year below.

It’s all in the details

While it may not seem important at first glance, the details are what makes the difference, and the golden details will give an extra glamorous note to the room and accentuate its elegance. Golden details will easily fit into all design styles and will bring warmth in the interior.

Lighting is important

When choosing lighting, special attention should be paid to hanging lamps because they are the ones that can give a certain feature to the interior. A visually attractive and well-composed chandelier will bring light into your interior but it will also enchant the space and will be an excellent decoration. For more luxurious design, it is good to choose a designer lamp or chandelier.

Decoration of luxury real estate

Decorative mirrors

Mirrors have always been used as interior decorations, but also as a way to get illusion of a bigger space by strategically positioning the mirrors the room may seem more spacious. Even in the royal courts, the halls for the balls were decorated with luxurious mirrors. Reflections of the attendees in the mirrors emphasized rich materials of their gowns. The tradition of decorating interior with mirrors continued till today.

This year brings certain novelties in the choice of mirrors, because, in addition to classic mirrors, there are also tinted ones that will give each interior an extra dose of elegance and luxury.

Marble or ceramics as decoration

And when it comes to luxury, is there a material that can outdo marble?! This year, marble is used as the dominant material that will fit perfectly into any interior and give it a touch of luxury. A wide range of colors and patterns, its massiveness, expressiveness and beauty, make marble essential in the decoration of luxury real estate.

In addition to marble, large-format ceramics are preferred for interior decoration this year as well. Whether you are covering the floors, walls of the bathroom or other rooms, choose large ceramics to achieve a luxurious look. This type of ceramic is also used as a decorative detail, so it can be placed as a decoration on one part of the wall or even as a kitchen counter.


Wallpapers are in vogue this year too. Gorgeous, custom-made wallpaper will make you enjoy in your luxury property and even more in its interior.

Modern wallpapers have become real pieces of art that will raise any interior to a higher level. In addition to design, technology has enabled advanced material resistance, so now it is possible to install wallpaper in bathrooms without fear that water and moisture will affect their quality.

Timeless wood

Wood is always indispensable when decorating the interior. Whether it’s the floors, decoration on the wall or even the ceiling, wood will give any interior a dose of warmth and a “homey” feeling.

Decoration of luxury real estate

Smart choice of furniture

When choosing furniture, it is necessary to think about fitting each individual piece of furniture in the interior. It is especially important to carefully choose the sofa, as important “statement” piece, as well as the table and chairs in the dining room. Pastel-colored furniture has been in vogue in recent years, and choosing lighter tones will additionally open up the interior design visual.

For the best impression, choose oversized sofa and large cushions. Decorate the sofa with extra couch pillows so that everyone will want to sit on it. Don’t be afraid to play with the colors of pillows and sofa and other decorative textiles, because, as we said, the colors are “in” this year.

Plants as decoration

In order to raise the interior to a new level, keep in mind that plants will bring a touch of nature to the room. Whether you choose plants with large green leaves or smaller ones, each will bring positive energy to the space, but also help clean the air.

Exterior decoration

Regardless of property type, a luxury villa with a garden, a penthouse with a roof terrace or an apartment with a terrace, be mindful of the importance of additional facilities and exterior design.

Today, it is almost inconceivable that a luxury villa does not have a landscaped garden with a swimming pool. Even if the house is located next to the sea, the pool is a “must have”. Along with the pool, a sunbathing area with a shower is certainly important, and if you have a jacuzzi or a sauna next to the pool you will definitely benefit from it. All these facilities have been very popular and in high demand in the last few years and will certainly increase the value of your property and attract potential buyers.

It is similar for apartments. Although they do not have much outdoor space, it is necessary to choose the right outdoor furniture, including designer loungers and jacuzzi.

Yet what has been most valued in recent years, and what many sometimes forget, is peace and privacy. So, if you also have, in addition to all the above trends, the opportunity to isolate from your neighbors and ensure peace and privacy, you have won the “”jackpot” of luxury real estate.

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