Zadar and Dubrovnik among the Most Desirable European Places to Live in!


Last year, the London Post declared Croatia the number one country to invest in. This year, our beautiful country got another recognition. Two Croatian cities made the list of the most desirable European places to live in for the outdoor lovers according to the Money Inc portal.

The city known for one of the most beautiful sunsets ever and architectural wonders Monument to the Sun and the Sea organ, Zadar, and iconic Dubrovnik, made the list along the Spanish Tossa de Mar, Austrian Salzburg and Italian Orvieto.

Find out about the many advantages and attractions of Zadar and Dubrovnik!

Zadar, the City with the Most Beautiful Sunset

 A combination of beauty and functionality, that is Zadar in short; a city that is flourishing, just like its surrounding region. It is a city that is primarily characterized by its excellent geographic position i.e. closeness to the national and nature parks, many islands in the Zadar archipelago and good traffic connection to the surrounding places and other Croatian cities.

The Money Inc portal points out the variety of beaches as one of Zadar’s advantages– sandy, rocky, gravel, wild or well-tended. From those located in the city to those a bit further away, truly everyone can find something that suits their taste!

Those preferring sandy beaches will be thrilled by the Queen’s Beach in Nin, named after the wife of Croatia’s first king Tomislav, who used to come there seeking relaxation. It is a very long beach offering the view of the famous mountain Velebit. Ljubac Beach (in Ljubac) is another great beach for those who want to enjoy the sand beneath their feet, while the lovers of less tamed and more peaceful beaches and pine forests can find their place beneath the sun on the beach Sveti Petar in Kozino or the city beach Punta Bajlo which is connected to a beautiful seaside walkway.

Seasonal Food and Plenty Natural Attractions to Visit

Warmhearted people and a more relaxed rhythm of life are some of the more important aspects of the city, as is the wide selection of seasonal food, particularly from local cultivation. Zadar has several green markets where you can find vegetables, fruits, eggs, and numerous other products of local family farms. We also shouldn’t forget about the great fishmonger in the Old Town, on the peninsula, as well as the many quality butcher shops where you can buy excellent meat and meat products.

Mild winters and a large number of sunny days will allow the outdoor lovers excursions and trips all over the county almost year-round.

For the mountain climbers, there is Paklenica, while diving enthusiasts can fall in love with the crystal-clear sea around Kornati and Telascica on Dugi Otok. All those seeking romance and interesting history tales will enjoy the royal town of Nin; its interesting past, monuments and museums, including the Museum of Salt. Lovers of adventures and adrenaline rushes can try out rafting on the magically beautiful Zrmanja, while cyclists and walkers can enjoy the Krka national park.

Dubrovnik, a City with Rich Historic and Cultural Heritage

Dubrovnik is located at the very south of Croatia, and it has very rich historic and cultural heritage. Important Croatian writers lived and worked there, like the famous playwright Marin Drzic; and the Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik Republic) was a strong maritime and commercial center in its time. Dubrovnik is on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979 and is the center of numerous artistic events, the most famous one being the theatre festival Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Besides the historic old town core abundant with monuments and museums, Dubrovnik is also surrounded by alluring natural beauty like the Elaphites and Mljet island where a national park is located.

The Elaphites or Deer Archipelago consist of several islands among which Sipan is the biggest and the most populated one. It is known for its vineyards and olive groves, as well as numerous monuments, summer residences, convents and churches. In the middle of the archipelago is Lopud characterized by beautiful sandy beaches, while closest to Dubrovnik is Kolocep whose clear sea abounds with fish and seashells.

Mljet is the largest island in Dubrovnik Archipelago, known for its stories and legends, and where a national park is located. There are numerous ways in which you can explore Mljet – by foot, mountain-climbing, canoeing, or cycling. Lovers of nature and active holidays will find their place here.

All the International Cuisines and 2600 Sunny Hours a Year

As a developed tourist center, Dubrovnik abounds with various restaurants in which almost all cuisines of the world are represented, including the local one. Furthermore, Dubrovnik is a town abundant with sunlight – it has approximately 2600 sunny hours a year which makes a cloudy day quite a rarity.

Climate is, like in the entirety of Dalmatia, Mediterranean, meaning that winters are mild, and summers hot. Pine forests and cypresses characteristic for this area come in handy during the summer heat.

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Foto: Pixabay (Ivan Vukša, Filip Filipović, Ivan Ivanković)

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