Once again we are the first address for luxury real estate on the Adriatic coast!

Luxury lifestyle awards best real estate

If you are looking for your ideal home on the enchanting Adriatic coast, the address you should go to is that of Best Real Estate.

For the third time in a row, this was determined by the team behind the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, which this time presented us the award for the Best Luxury Real Estate Agency in Croatia.

We are extremely proud and happy that our love for this work, as well as our dedication to each client, was recognized by the jury behind this prestigious award based in New York.

Rich portfolio of first-class real estate, dedication to each client and comprehensive service

best luxury real estate agency in croatia

What are the characteristics that make a certain agency “the best”? Is it the rich and varied offer of prime real estate? Specifically, in our case, real estate from the luxury segment?

On the Croatian coast, and especially in Dalmatia, we are witnessing an increase in the construction of luxurious properties. However, the supply is still less than the demand, and it can happen that not all properties that are labeled as luxury are at that level.

Sometimes it is not easy to navigate this offer, and that is why the right people, who know their job and can direct the client to the property that will best suit his needs, wishes and possibilities, are more important than ever.

We at Best Real Estate specialize in luxury real estate, and in our offer you will find a rich and varied selection of premium and high-end real estate that is a rarity on our coast. First of all, this applies to villas and luxury apartments in the immediate vicinity of the sea. Two such villas near the sunny city of Zadar in the center of temperamental Dalmatia, as well as one penthouse, were presented by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards team on their portal.

Interest in the real estate on the Croatian coast is not decreasing, and neither is their price. But for clients, especially those who come from other countries, it is also important how we as an agency, as well as people, treat them.

Support, reliability and a sense of security are important to them as is helping them to make a decision when they need it. Likewise, the additional services we offer them, such as legal assistance and interior design, mean a lot to our clients because they can find everything they need in one place.

This also applies to medical services, which is why many foreigners often come to Croatia.

The holistic approach we offer, along with a well-developed network of services and partners and the high level of professionalism we provide to the client are what makes us stand out on the market and why we have been awarded the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the third time.

We are driven by the desire for growth, development and satisfied clients

luxury villa by the sea croatia

In addition to villas, houses and apartments by the sea, our portfolio includes other great opportunities for investors who want to invest in larger projects. So in our offer you will find one of the few remaining plots of land near the sea, hotels, marinas, etc.

Also, we recently opened an office in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. In our offer you can find first-class real estate in that vibrant city, as well as real estate in the city of the future – Dubai.

The awards and acknowledgements we receive, including Best Luxury Property Portal in Croatia and TOP 100 Best Real Estate Brokers and Developers of 2023, encourage us to do this work that we adore even more passionately.

And we don’t intend to stop because the desire for growth and development is what drives us, as well as, of course, the desire to find each client his ideal home, the one that will make him happy.

If you are looking for your home on the Adriatic coast, in Zagreb, or if you want to invest in real estate in Croatia, contact us, we will be happy to support you along the way!

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