Luxus Liegenschaften – an international company that always puts their clients first

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Excellent customer support, sustainability, and high professional ethics standards are key values that separate Luxus Liegenschaften from concurrent professional advisors and marketing experts in luxury real estate.

„We see ourselves as pioneers of a sustainable professional approach that’s long been missing in the industry, and that our well-off clients justifiably expect. Having high standards is especially important when it comes to the luxury segment of the real estate market,” says Klaus-Rainer Fabi, founder and CEO of the Luxus Liegenschaften brand.

Klaus-Rainer Fabi already has three decades of experience on the international luxury real estate market, and he happily shares his business success with over 180 business partners. To our mutual pleasure, Best Real Estate is now one of them.

“Partners and colleagues of this quality aren’t often found in our business,” claims Luxus Liegenschaften’s CEO, who’s got plans, with help from their new partners, to keep continuously expanding the international elite network of premium locations.

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Everything extraordinary in our world happens because someone works more than strictly necessary

Luxus Liegenschaften is a brand that, with its dealings in particular, proves that dedication to your clients and a complete focus on their needs are a guarantee for success. Buyers who know what they want when it comes to their dream home demand the highest standard of service and counsel, and Luxus Liegenschaften sets realizing that as its mission.

“We’re convinced that the clients who have accumulated significant wealth during several decades to realize their dreams of a special lifestyle must have worked hard. Certainly, the same is expected from a professional and experienced luxury real estate advisor,” Klaus-Rainer Fabi points out.

Whether it’s a completely individual VIP support or a special search for exclusive properties, Luxus Liegenschaften will always go above and beyond for their clients.

“When it comes to high-quality properties, true luxury largely depends on their owners’ personal taste,” Klaus-Rainer Fabi mentions and reveals it as their motivation behind an individual approach to future property owners.

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International real estate network, but with a special focus on Croatia

Although Luxus Liegenschaften covers a real estate market that spans from Dubai to Portugal, their clients are showing a special interest for Croatia as one of the favorite countries for holidays or an investment.

“Many beautiful cities on the coast of Istria and Dalmatia are an opportunity for top-notch tourism and offer a perfect infrastructure for those wanting an extra residence in this area,” CEO Klaus-Rainer Fabi points out.

Reak estate hunters who demand extraordinary quality of their living conditions and are looking for unique investment opportunities, have seen the potential of the Adriatic Sea’s Mediterranean ambiance. From Luxus Liegenschaften they point out that clients enjoy the hospitality and the special culture of this area, with which they wholeheartedly agree.

Luxus Liegenschaften and Best Real Estate are connected through a shared philosophy – “only the best for the client”

Luxus Liegenschaften recognize Best Real Estate as a relevant player on the luxury real estate scene with whom they share a passion to provide a premium experience to their clients.

“We’re convinced in Best Real Estate’s regional and national strength and their special knowledge of the market and professionalism. It’s a fact that our clients, with their help, have a guaranteed access to high-quality and luxury properties.”

Already mentioned overlap of values, and the dedication to mutual success create an unstoppable force of successful business ventures on an international level. In the end, the most benefit out of this is had by clients who can be sure that their needs and delicate taste when it comes to real estate will be fulfilled and satisfied in each segment.

And if you are looking for a luxury real estate on an exclusive location by the sea, contact us, we are at your disposal!

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