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Last year, we had the opportunity to talk about the current situation in the regional real estate market which was published in the Slovenian newspaper Večer. Beginning this year, we felt honored to continue our discussion. Our dear Davor Perišić, the face behind the Best Real Estate, shared his views on the state of the real estate market in the Adriatic area in the recent issue of the daily newspaper Večer.

It is always a pleasure to talk to a long running newspaper such as Večer

The national daily newspaper Večer is one of the most widely read Slovenian print media, founded way back in 1945 in Maribor, their headquarters ever since. According to today’s circulation, they are at the forefront of Slovenian publishers of daily newspapers, and in addition to the printed edition, the content is available online and in digital form.

The interest of Slovenians in Croatian real estate is on the rise, which is why Davor Perišić was so pleased to learn that his brand was recognized in the Slovenian media as most significant in terms of luxury real estates on the Adriatic coast. Best Real Estate is the result of many years of effort and meticulous study of the real estate market in order to provide the clients with quality homes that will make them happy and it is a pleasure to see that enthusiasm and expertise have been recognized throughout the region.

best real estate in slovenian newspapers

Growing interest of Slovenia in Croatian real estate

Although Slovenians have always been interested in real estate on the Adriatic coast, Croatia’s entry into the Schengen area and the use of the same currency from the beginning of 2023 loosened many of the psychological brakes that Slovenians still had before making a final decision on the purchase. This growing interest motivated the journalists of Večer to talk to the CEO of the Best Real Estate about what Slovenian buyers are like, what they are most often looking for, and what experts’ predictions are about the spring price for a luxury villa per square metre on the Adriatic.

Based on the previous experience with his neighbours, Perišić describes Slovenians as exceptionally good guests and customers. According to his opinion, Slovenians, along with Germans, Austrians, Poles and Slovaks, bought the most apartments and houses along the Adriatic coast last year. Slovenians were mostly interested in buying the two- or three-bedroom apartments 300-500 metre s from the sea in Istria, in contrast with the Italians who preferred apartments on the islands, especially Cres, while the Slovaks, Czechs and Poles showed an increasing interest in Dalmatian real-estate.

“A fascinating spring is ahead of us,” according to Perišić

Currently, great many Slovenians are buying real estate in Croatia for personal needs. Having said that, they are ready to pay the highest price per square metre for Dalmatian real estate. Knowing that the value of property depends on its size, but also its location and level of equipment, it is almost impossible to accurately determine the average price of a square metre on the Adriatic and the islands. However, it is estimated that the square metre price of houses and apartments right next to the sea is worth anywhere from EUR 5,000 and more.

Similar to Slovenia, real estate prices in Croatia have risen strongly in the last three years. The Croatian real estate expert attributed the price increase to high inflation rates which are a direct consequence of the global situation, and less to Croatia’s entry into the Schengen area. Despite the current standstill in the Croatian real estate market, Best Real Estate expects an exciting spring. The interest might spike significantly, which could trigger new price increases. Now is the ideal time to find out more about our offer if you are considering investing in real estate on the Adriatic. We remain at your disposal for any further information and questions you may have!

Read the entire original article in the Slovenian language in the online edition of the Večer newspaper here.

Photo: Unsplash, Pixabay, newspaper Večer.

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