We present you Italian VezzDesign, the Best Real Estate partner bringing a revolution in luxurious and environmentally sustainable design! 

vezzdesign kitchen

Innovative and sustainable, long-lasting, yet flexible, in any case – unique on the market.

All these qualities are present in VezzDesign, an Italian brand creating high-quality steel kitchens of unique design and a unique, patented click-clack system that allows you to change the appearance of your kitchen whenever you want.

“Revolutionize your idea of a kitchen,” is their motto, and to that we would add – revolutionize your idea of a living space. The VezzDesign team, can in fact, design your entire living quarters.

If you’re a luxury lover, and you prefer special properties and objects, as well as unique design, this is the brand you need to know about. VezzDesign is the new Best Real Estate partner that will help you transform your new home into an oasis tailored to your wants and needs.

vezzkitchen outdoor

The kitchen of unique design and recognizable Italian style that’ll last a lifetime

VezzDesign is active in interior design, with a special focus on kitchen, the heart of every home.

The brand’s originator Massimo Vezzoni’s starting point was the buyers’ need for more resilient yet flexible kitchens of impressive design.

That is how he got the idea of making steel-based kitchens, a material that is not only long-lasting, but environmentally sustainable.

“From the beginning we wanted to be different and offer customers something outside the box. Our design is characterized by the well-known Italian style, remarkable product and service quality, and its uniqueness. All this combined under the imperative of environmental sustainability.”

massimo vezzoni vezzdesign

VezzDesign kitchens are water and fire resistant, functional, and designed to fit perfectly and enrich each space. This is made possible by the unique click-clack system that makes the outward appearance of your kitchen – color, finishing material – very easy to change. They are aesthetically impressive –you cannot even recognize some of them as steel kitchens because they’ve been “finished” with materials such as glass, porcelain, or even cement. There are no visible joints in them, and they are fully recyclable.

Caring for the future through the practice of environmental sustainability in the make and design of kitchens, but also interior design, is one of the key values of the VezzDesign brand.

Living space tailored specifically to you

When it comes to interior design, Massimo Vezzoni says that their main task is to transform the desires and personality of the customer into the space where he resides.

“Almost anything you wish for, we can make.” Vezz Design is intended for any market which recognizes the value that their products bring to the lives of customers.

Their customers are not only private individuals but also hotel chains and holiday residences.

“Hotels need strong, durable furniture that can also quickly turn into something else. With our design, the renovations of hotels and apartments can be much briefer and more effective,” Vezzoni notes.

Cooperation based on common values

VezzDesign is present on multiple markets around the world and have recently presented on Italian Design Days at Dubai Expo. They were drawn to the Croatian market by the fast-developing niche of luxury real estate they want to participate in.

Luxury implies exclusivity, superiority, and specificity, precisely what VezzDesign offers at prices proportionate to the quality of their products and services.

vezzkitchen luxury decoration

They recognized Best Real Estate as a sophisticated player in the game of real estate on the Adriatic coast because of the diversity of their offer, as well as their professional approach to business.

“Besides the Best Real Estate’s rich offer of luxury properties, I think we share some common values. Primarily the commitment to clients and the desire to be different, to make a difference in the industry,” Vezzoni says, adding that he considers this the beginning of a great business collaboration.

Best Real Estate clients will also feel the benefits of this cooperation since they will get special discounts when employing VezzDesign for interior design of their kitchen or their entire space.

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