Best Real Estate in the Slovenian newspaper Večer as an unavoidable source of luxury properties in the Adriatic!


One of the most well-read Slovenian printed press – Večer – has published an article about their conversation with the leading real estate experts in the region, among which is Davor Perišić, founder of the Best Real Estate brand.

Večer is a Slovenian national daily newspaper with Maribor headquarters that has informed Slovenian general public about important events ever since the end of World War II.

It’s our pleasure to witness the Best Real Estate brand being recognized in Slovenia as a relevant location when picking luxury properties on our coast. In the article, Davor Perišić has commented on the condition of regional real estate, especially in the Adriatic area that he represented. Along with him, other real estate experts have expressed their viewpoints, but their expertise lies in knowing the Slovenian market.

davor perišić, ceo best real estate

Buying properties abroad is becoming a European trend

Since Slovenian citizens have shown an increasing interest in owning properties on the Croatian coast, Večer’s reporters have spoken to Davor Perišić about their reasons and the criteria they usually have.

“Croatian properties usually attract Slovenes because of their access to the Adriatic Sea, and they also feel at home in our country, which is important,” said Davor Perišić.

According to him, around 40% of the buyers are Slovenes, and the others are Germans, Austrians, Czechs, Poles, and Hungarians. Slovenes are great buyers that purchase all types of properties. Experience suggests that they primarily look for houses priced for half a million euros or more.

Best Real Estate currently offers an impressive choice of luxury villas with pool along the entire Croatian coast that’re interesting to Slovenian citizens.

Besides buying houses and apartments for personal use, many are currently viewing properties as a type of investment. Since real estate is the safest and the most lucrative investment, this doesn’t surprise real estate experts in the slightest.

Do foreigners want to forestall the rise of real estate prices in Croatia?

Participants also touched upon the increase of real estate prices since we’re currently observing the biggest rise in Croatia in the last decade. According to the current Croatian data, in last year’s final quartal real estate prices were 15% higher than those in the same quartal of the year prior, while this year’s prices, according to Best Real Estate’s estimates, have increased for at least 20%.

Best Real Estate CEO, in his experience considers this to be the “consequence of foreigners’ increased interest for Croatian real estate since there is no lack of properties.” Furthermore, he predicts this trend of price increase to last for a while longer, so now is the ideal moment for you to look further into the offer if you plan to invest in properties on the Adriatic coast in your near future.

It’s an honor to appear in Večer, a newspaper with a long tradition and rich history

Best Real Estate’s founder was happy to contribute to informing the public about Slovenia-to-Croatia real estate market. It’s especially good news that the Slovenes’ interest in Croatian real estate was written about in the newspaper with such a rich tradition as Večer.  

Indeed, Večer is in print since May 9, 1945, when the 1st number of untitled newspaper (Večer’s predecessor) came out on the occasion of Maribor’s liberation.

According to 2021 data, Večer newspaper is printing 17 700 new hard copies each day and is among the top Slovenian media outlets in written journalism. Besides its printed version, you can also read Večer on their online portal and in digital form.

Issues that’s discussed in this article is available on this link, and you can contact us with any and all additional questions about the above-mentioned villas on the Adriatic coast!

Photo by: Pexels, personal archive, Večer.

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