ADRIA EUROPE GROUP: Luxury Properties for Those Who Recognize Quality and Beauty

Robert Kralj Adria Europe Group

High-quality build, outstanding interior design, and a breath-taking view are the three main characteristics of luxury properties built by Adria Europe Group.

It is a brand present on the Croatian market for less than three years, but that is rapidly rising. The reason for this rise could be the aforementioned quality noticeable in all aspects of their properties, but also its visionary founder, Robert Kralj.  

“To someone else, a plot is just an empty piece of land. I don’t look for what is missing but see what will take place there. That is why I don’t put much consideration into buying plots – I know right away when I find something worth buying,” this construction CEO points out.

“To build – is to create”, says Adria Europe Group’s CEO

Robert started his career path – and planned on continuing it – in football, but an injury forced him into a different occupation and made him find another passion. Although he is still fond of football, construction has appealed to him, and fascinates him equally today as it did at the very start.

“What appealed to me the most in this job is simply the ability to create something. It requires long hours, dedication and diligence, but once the building is constructed, it remains there. You leave something behind and have visible proof that you made something both beautiful and useful.”

The act of creation drew him to this career in the first place, but it also encouraged him to found Adria Europe Group, a company focused on planning and building luxury properties in the country Robert loves – Croatia. Even though he still works in Berlin, where he went to school and spent most of his life, Robert Kralj loves this beautiful country and uses every opportunity to visit. Headquarters of the company he founded with his friends are in Varaždin, but he also loves spending his time in Zadar.

villa more sukošan
Project in realization: Villa More, Sukošan

High – End Luxurious Property on Each Location

Hence, it is not surprising that his company’s first project was a luxury condominium in Sukošan, a small town not far from Zadar.

“Maintaining a certain standard is extremely important to us; it is what we want to be recognized for. Every property we build has to adhere to it, whether it is our condo project in Vjetrenjak – a part of a busy city like Zadar, or another project on the coast on a top location.”

Robert doesn’t deviate from his vision of high-end properties whether he’s building luxury apartments, houses or villas.    

„I’m a perfectionist – both when I work for myself and when I work for someone else. It is important to me that everything is in its place, as it’s supposed to be. My company wants the absolute quality, comfort and an enchanting design – without making any compromises. “

Properties built by Adria Europe Group are therefore designed for those people, both local and foreign, who seek and know how to recognize quality and beauty.

luksuzna vila bluemarina sukošan
Project in realization: Bluemarina, Sukošan

The Partnership With Best Real Estate

All the properties are seafront, absolutely comfortable, and are enjoyable to just be in. Homes that are created with help from top experts and creative architects will ultimately make people satisfied and happy. Those are the exact goals Best Real Estate strives for, so it is no wonder those two brands partnered up.

“What I appreciate the most about Best Real Estate, i.e. Davor that is behind the brand, is the professionalism that is felt in every segment of their work. We think alike when it comes to real estate, we see and perceive luxury in the same way. There is also, of course, the mutual respect which is the basis of every business relationship.”

Best Real Estate is the exclusive representative of the luxury properties built by Adria Europe Group. Those currently include several residential buildings, luxury apartments and villas near Zadar. Best Real Estate will soon have another addition especially dear to Robert, and one he is very proud of – Villa More (The Sea) in Sukošan.

You can see for yourself what construction projects look like on Adria Europe Group’s webpage, and very soon on ours as well. If any of them catch your eye, feel free to contact us, we are at your disposal!

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